Hol' a Medz Apparel | Here to Inspire you!

Hol' a Medz Apparel | Here to Inspire you!

August 09, 2017

Welcome to the first blog post of many from us at Hol' a Medz Apparel. If you don't know what Hol' a Medz means let me remind you. Its the Jamaican's way for saying meditate. Meditation is such an ambiguous topic, and one can become flustered at times wondering if they are doing it correctly. I personally believe meditation can take many forms, meaning it is more about your state of mind throughout your daily experiences that constitute if you are living from your higher self or in a state of zen which is what we seek through meditation. 

For some, setting aside personal time to meditate is easy and for others with really hectic schedules it is very difficult but what you can always do no matter what, is pay attention to the feelings that arise from certain thoughts you hold, the words you speak, the words others say to you and the actions of others towards you. Your feelings will always reveal your weak and strong points. Feelings of ease and calm often tells us that we have things under control where feelings of frustration and discontent reveal areas where we need to make adjustments in our thinking, maybe toward a more allowing state, not reacting but consciously responding . We cant control the circumstances that come our way but we can always control our response to them.

So as you go about your day, just be mindful that you can be in a meditative state no matter what you are doing and remember to  be easy on your self. One Love!

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